What we're gifting in 2023

What we're gifting in 2023

Our first-annual holiday gift guide!

It’s time for me to finally admit it… my love language is gifts!!!!!

Although I pride myself on being a consummate gift giver, I have always hated the holiday gift guide. They are often boring, unoriginal and impersonal, not to mention expensive, and bizarrely gendered (who has ever met a man who doesn’t love whisky stones after all…)

This year, I’ve decided to create my own holiday gift guide — full of my classic, gifting staples and new and exciting items I’ve found this year (note for my loved ones: read with caution!) I hope to highlight as many small and local businesses as possible, who I think are doing incredible work! I’ve also done some digging and noted any upcoming sales below…

I hope this list helps you generate some ideas for your loved ones, and makes this holiday season a fun one!! 

Much love,


Illusion Planter
Peaches & Astro the Studio
A collaboration with our friends at Peaches the Studio! The planter’s form is based on our original cookie jar, now repurposed as a terracotta planter with mica to give it a glittery effect!
DEAL: 20% off from 11/20-27 with code BIGHOLIDAY

Pearled Candle
Foton Pearled Candles
One of our favorite new finds this holiday season is a pack of “pearled candles” (think tiny little wax beads), that you can pour into your favorite vessel (a recycled candle jar, vintage bowl, shells, you name it!) and add a wick to create your very own custom candle. Great for your eco-conscious friends!
DEAL: 15% off your first order

Pon the Online Store
This store is just the cutest — but I especially love this fake cake grinder for your stylish stoner pal!

Flower Power Taper Candle Holder
Our sister studio, Peaches, makes these gorgeous flower candle holders, which we love pairing with the Beeswax Rope candles from local Portland shop, DANO.
DEAL: 30% off site-wide from 11/20-26 

Hot Dog Incense Holder
Astro the Studio
One of our most popular products this year, the Hot Dog incense holder will bring a dose of whimsy to your home! Now available in regular hot dog colors and an all pink version!
DEAL: 20% off from 11/20-27 with code: BIGHOLIDAY 



Custom Spice Box
This is such a fun gift for your foodie friends! Create your own custom box of your favorite spices through Diaspora. They source by far the freshest and most delicious spices — plus, their packaging is beyond cute!

Mini Storage Jar
Astro the Studio
We launched our mini storage jar earlier this year and it’s been so much fun watching everyone come up for new uses for it! My current favorites: loose leaf tea and dog treats (preferably not together!). Sneak a bag of your favorite local coffee or yummy treats inside, and it makes a fantastic hostess or white elephant gift! 
20% off from 11/20-27 with code: BIGHOLIDAY

Martini Shell Spoon Rest
Chell Fish
I found Chell Fish this year at a market in Brooklyn, and was so amazed by her work repurposing shells into gorgeous homeware (spoon rests, platters, snack plates, etc.) This is a great gift for your favorite dinner party host!



Cat and Dog Bowls
Astro the Studio
We’re excited to be launching our new pet bowls this holiday season! Our bowls come in two sizes — one for large dogs, and one for small dogs or cats. A perfect gift for the pet lovers in your life!
DEAL: 20% off from 11/20-27 with code: BIGHOLIDAY

Wool Puzzle Toy
Little Noses
There is nothing worse than a bored dog! This puzzle toy is the perfect way to keep them enriched and stimulated.

Custom Pet Portrait
Who doesn’t want a custom portrait of their pet? Check out my sister's new shop, KarlDoods! This also makes a thoughtful gift for folks spending their first holiday without their beloved animal friend.

If you’re like me, you like squeaky toys a lot less than your dog does! Enter GroovyToob — a motion-activated, high-frequency squeaker toy with a treat cavity inside. You will barely be able to hear the squeaks — but your dog will be having the time of their life! 
30% off



Chunky Knit Sweater in Clay
Goumi Kids
I’m obsessed with this local Portland brand I found this year! They use 100% organic cotton for all their products and have some of the cutest color ways around.
40% off

Twin Freezer Teethers
The bright multicolored is my favorite!



Wireless Earbuds
I’m literally so sorry to have an Amazon link in here — but I promise this is the only one! These earbuds were recommended to me years ago and are now my go-to “so, you lost your AirPods” gift. They may not be as sleek as the Apple version, but the sound quality is actually much better, and hey, if you lose em, they’re $30.
20% off


Books / Office

By Mitchell S. Jackson
This gorgeous new coffee table from Portland author, Mitchell S. Jackson is the perfect gift for the sports fan in your life. 

Simply Tomato
By Martha Holmberg
PNW-based cookbook author behind some of your favorite recipes, published her own cookbook this year all about the tomato.

The Creative Act
By Rick Rudins
This book is a gorgeous meditation on creativity itself — and will inspire anyone in your life to find the creativity within them! 

Goal Planner
Ink and Volt
My all time favorite planner — I’ve used this goal planner religiously for 5 years now and their journal prompts have completely rewired my brain to be more productive, goal driven, and grateful in my day-to-day life. 
DEAL: 10% off your first order! 

Dirty Clouds Wall Calendar
Dirty Clouds
This has been a staple in my apartment since 2020 and each month has bright, gorgeous and bizarre risograph printed illustrations that just make me LOL! 

Geometric Window Hummingbird Feeder
Sweet Feeders
This is a great gift for your work from home pal! These gorgeous hummingbird feeders can easily suction to any window, meaning you can watch the hummingbirds fly by as you work all day!
30% off (originally $37)



Pearl Earrings
Bebe Rouge
Gorgeous, high quality pearl earrings from Bebe Rouge, an LA-based small business. I’ve been wearing her star shaped pearls all week!
25% off site-wide

Scorpion Ring
As a scorpio myself, I couldn’t stop myself from recommending this gift for all the scorpio babes in your life — it’s cast from real scorpions!!! 



Beginner Hat Knitting Kit
Have you ever tried to learn how to knit and stopped because it was soooo hard and frustrating? SAME! These kits are what made me finally fall in love with the craft of knitting. They come with a super simple pattern (perfect for beginners), enough super soft yarn to knit a whole hat (I recommend starting with a baby size because you get the satisfaction of finishing way sooner!), plus all the supplies you need to get started. It’s a perfect gift for your crafty friend!

Custom Manifestation Candle
Enchantments is New York City’s oldest occult store, and my favorite product of theirs is their Custom Manifestation Candle. After a phone consultation about what you’re looking to manifest, they will carve your candle with magical symbols, astrological signs and anoint them with oils and incense to charge them up for your manifestation. These are a great buddy gift for ringing in the new year, but can be quite personal so I would only recommend it for your closest friends!

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